How to Paint: Kandinsky's 
Winter Landscape

Lesson 1 - Drawing  
(40 minutes)

In this lesson you will learn how to Draw a version of Kandinsky's Winter Landscape 1909. You'll learn how use lines and shapes to Create the Drawing and how to section of parts of the Painting to make it easy to Draw.

Lesson 2 - Painting  
(50 minutes)

In this lesson you will learn how to Paint your version of this Beautiful Painting! First, you'll outline the Painting with black Paint and then create the blue, yellow and green background. You'll learn some easy brush techniques for absolute beginners.


Lesson 3 - Texture 
(40 minutes)

In this lesson you will learn how to add texture to your Painting, as well as adding all the other vibrant colours to make it truly expressive! Get ready to put down the Paintbrush and use a plastic knife and sponge with your texture medium to create raised effects! You will love the process and be impressed with the result!

What's included?

3 Videos
2 PDFs

How does it work?

This Online Art Course is designed for you to follow along with me and watch in REAL TIME. This means that both you and I will create our Paintings, together, at the same time!

You are guided gently and slowly throughout the process and I give many tips and suggestions to help you learn new skills along the way.

There are MULTIPLE CAMERAS for you to see the Painting from, to help you see clearly from different angels.

You are very welcome to pause the videos whenever you need to, to practice and to go over steps that you are unsure of, or simply need more time with. 

Remember, once you purchase an Artists Resource Online Course, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to that Course! This means that there is absolutely no time limit for you to make your beautiful Painting you Create it all in your own time.

Course Curriculum

Kandinsky's Winter Landscape #1 - Drawing
Kandinsky's Winter Landscape #2 - Painting
Kandinsky's Winter Landscape #3 - Texture

This Course is for you if:

- You are an absolute beginner to Painting.
- You want to learn the skill of Painting.
- You want to learn How to Paint from the comfort of your own home.
- You want to re-create a Famous Artists Painting in the simplest way possible.
- You want to be guided gently and slowly through the process of the project, step by step.
- You want to be given simple and clear instructions that are easy to follow.
- You want to be able to pause and replay the steps whenever you wish, as many times as you like.
- You want to keep the high quality videos to refer to in the future.
- You want to make your Painting in your own time. 
- You want to re-create a Famous Artists Painting by adding your own unique flair to it.
- You want to take up Painting as a hobby and you need a starting point.
- You simply want to try out something new!
- You want to learn the techniques of Painting so you can Paint anything you like!
- You want to achieve beautiful results quickly!

About Your Instructor 

Leona Matuszak
Creator of Artists Resource, Head Art Teacher & Artist

Leona has been designing and teaching her original and unique Art Classes for over 10 years. She founded Artists Resource in 2011 and has since taught thousands of Adults and Children at her Workshops, Parties and at prestigious Events. 

Leona mission is to connect people of all ages and from all walks of life to their Creativity. She firmly believes that when you connect to your Creativity, not only will you help improve your concentration and relaxation, but you will live a happier and more fulfilled life too! 

I have designed this course especially for you, to help you produce the best results possible, with zero experience required!

I will give you all my knowledge and skill, from over 10 years of teaching Painting to adults and children!

I'll assist you in creating your version of Kandinsky's Winter Landscape, that you will be proud of.

So what are you waiting for? :) 

Click on the button below and I’ll see you there!

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